Office Features

Sterilizer Monitoring Service

The most important piece of equipment in our sterility protocol is the Statim Sterilizer, a pressurized steam sterilizing autoclave. All of our instruments used in the mouth are ultrasonically cleaned and then sterilized in this machine.

On a monthly basis, Biological indicators, a calibrated preparation of bacterial spores placed in an inert carrier, are placed into the statim Sterilizer. After sterilization, the test strip is then sent to the Oral Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia. It is then cultured and analyzed. The report is immediately phoned in to our office and followed up by a written test report.

This is the only way to determine and know for sure that the sterilizer is working properly.

Independent Bottled Water Supply

Our dental unit water supply is not connected to the city water line. Our units have their own self contained water supply. We use filtered water (5 stage with reverse osmosis) treated with Adec’s ICX treatment tablets.

Amalgam Separators

Amalgam waste is separated to prevent polluting our environment. It is placed along the vacuum suction line to prevent amalgam from entering the drain lines which ultimate goes out to our environment.

CPR certified with automatic external defibrillator on site

An AED is used to treat cardiac arrest. It is a life-saving device because cardiac arrest is a sudden condition that is fatal if not treated within a few minutes.